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Tony Curl

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"I empower people to bring out the power in themselves, to see through their own self-limits, their excuses and build powerful lives. You will truly break the shackles of your own self-limitations"

"I communicate, coach and facilitate better leadership principles to develop a tribe of  outstanding leaders, maximising their effectiveness and becoming the greatest version of themselves. These leaders create positive change within their business and local community and build their legacy of better leadership for tomorrow."

Tony Curl - Psycho-Neuro-Actualisation Professional

Tony has been certified as a PNA Certified Practionier and is currently undertaking his PHD studies in this field. He has been personally mentored and trained by Dr Steve Maraboli and is one of Steve's trusted coaches. Tony is the first Australian coach trained by Steve in the field of PNA. If you want to learn more about Dr Steve Maraboli, click on his picture. His coaching and influencing program is the most effective in the world as it focuses on behaviours and actions to move forward and not on therapies to understand the past.

If you want to learn more about becoming a PNA certified practionier or in being coached by one, please contact Tony through through the form below.

Tony Curl

PNA Empowerment Coach
Leadership And Empowerment Coach
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
PH: 1300 866 928
EMAIL: tony@tonycurl.com